Vern Herring“It was a snowy Sunday night in March of 2007. I was scheduled as a docent of a corporate tour.… We received a phone call around 7:00 and were told it would be another hour before the plane would arrive in Grand Rapids due to bad weather. Night had fallen and it was dark outside. The gas log was burning in the fireplace and the ‘circle within a square’ light sconces were casting a wonderful warm glow. I sat in the original rocking chair sipping a glass of wine and thought about Mr. May doing the same thing…. I realized the house had an entirely different personality at night than during the day. It was so relaxing and peaceful. Then I noticed the glass tile between the rows of brick in the fireplace wall. Glass tile today is just starting to be a big decorating feature in kitchens and baths…. This is just another detail that proves Wright was ahead of his time. Anyway, the green, copper and gold glass was reflecting the various lights which seemed to be dancing happily (maybe it was the wine!)…. It was at that moment when I realized I was in love with this room and this house just as Meyer and Sophie May were so long ago.”