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In 1971 I began attending a church in Lansing, Michigan. When I joined the choir there the church's building had burned to the ground. They decided to build anew adjacent to East Lansing, Michigan. The building began and I stopped as a child to watch it as it rose. It was a strange building. The earthen berm rose, the property appeared to go over a cliff. Then the walls started going up. Then we...
A standing ovation to the panelists, speakers and planners at yesterday's Symposium. As a lover of Wright's design and, at times, his writings; yesterday's presentation was truly enjoyable. It proved to be an afternoon filled with wonderful, and funny, dialogue as well as the opportunity to learn more about the designer that so many of us admire. I also applaud the screening of "A Woman is a...
Somehow words can't really do justice to the beauty of this home or to Frank Lloyd Wright's designs in general. There is something at their core, at once humble and heroic, that speaks to the very essence of human striving. I can recall taking a tour of his original home and studio, and waiting until I was the last person in the playroom. The golden late afternoon sun filled the room. I was...
Wright's work is wonderfully organic, natural and speaks to the heart with a sense of beauty and dynamic equilibrium. The warmth of wood, the play of light, the use of architectural elements to represent the natural world within the four walls of a home is not only a signature, but each structure feels like a poem. More than an architect, Wright seems a philosopher who uses brick, mortar, wood...
Notice the sound. It's quiet here - not in an empty way, but the kind of quiet you feel when you are embraced by someone who loves you. The spaces in the Meyer May house feel complete, a safe shelter, welcoming and warm. The windows flood the place with a soft, magical light that invites looking out, and every scene through every window is a work of art. Ours is an era of enormous houses. We step...
It's difficult for me to describe why I love Frank's work so much...I think it's in my blood because my mother was a devotee of Frank. I grew up near Fallingwater and our family farm was not far away. Some of my fondest memories are of visiting special houses like Fallingwater with my mother, and later with my husband and sons. Why is Frank so special to me? His absolute devotion to holistic...
“So kid ---- if you want to be a better photographer, stand in from of better stuff,” was the advice an old Daily News photographer gave young Joe McNally, when he was starting out. Frank Lloyd Wright certainly gave us all better stuff to look at. If you stop to think about where architecture was when he started and what a profound influence he had on shaping the changes in architecture...
I love that the older these places become, the more they have to teach us. The relationship between our personal life and our spaces is more complex than ever and Wright shows us that pursuing that harmony is always worth the effort. Scope and Scale does have a balancing point. I hope to visit this house again soon, love the site! Thanks.
Just wanted to say that the site is visually beautiful and inspiring.